Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Growing Up ...

So the chooks are now ranging between 4 - 6 weeks old and finally living outside full time in the new coop. Were still not sure which are roos and therefore which we will be able to keep but we have grown very attached to them all. The silkies are growing in confidence although they are still the most timid of the flock. Molly the Buff Orp (the big yellow one) has started throwing her weight around with me and the husband slightly so were keeping an eye on her. She especially likes giving you a sneaky peck on the fingers when hand feeding, ignoring the food completely while the others tuck in.

At the moment they are just getting used to their new home and while we are letting them free range for short periods we are shutting them up safely after a while to ensure that they are not targetted by predators. Here are a few pictures of them in their new home! Enjoy!

Ginger - (Shamo)

Front: Molly (Buff Orp) - Back: Maisie (Silkie X)

Left: Masie  - Middle: Dolly (Silkie X)


Front: Suzy (Silkie)

Left: Ginger - Middle: Matilda (Silkie X) - Right: Suzy - Back: Daisy (Silkie X)


 Left: Suzy - Right: Matilda

 Left: Dolly - Right: Molly

 Left: Matilda - Right: Maisie


 Peggy (Polish)

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