Thursday, 19 May 2011

Chicken Snuggles

Each day when the sun starts to go down my chooks seem to retreat into their little coop and snuggle up. I guess it is because the temperature is starting to drop with the retreat of the sun and as they are still developing some of their feathers they get a little chilly. It is either that or they just love snuggling :-)

Because of this I have started to put a couple of hot water bottles wrapped in tea towels into the coop at night around 9 pm. At first these strange and bouncy objects were regarded with suspicion. I could tell none of the chooks had sat anywhere near the bottles during the night due to the lack of sawdust and poop adorning the bottles each morning. These days however they chirp happily when I put in the bottles in, transferring them gently one by one to settle on the fluffy warmth.

My one question would be ... is it just me that provides my young chickens hot water bottles? I won't be doing this once they are fully feathered and perching each night however I can't help thinking what my neighbours think when they see me walking to the back of the garden in my PJs and dressing gown with chicken treats and two hot water bottles? Surely if I needed any confirmation of my new 'Mad Chicken Lady' status it would be this??

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