Friday, 20 May 2011

Chicken Monster

When we picked up our straight run of chicks from the poultry farm we decided to get two standard chickens (Ginger and Molly), for the hubbys sake rather than my own (he wanted 'manly' chickens that lay 'proper' eggs). I figured that they may turn out to be males anyway and therefore might not make the cut, but also if they were girls we could extend the coop a little or accomodate them in some way should more room be needed. I mean ... how big can they get, right?

Me? A Monster?
So we now have Ginger and Molly our two rapidly sprouting 'man chickens' who are slowly dwarfing my little bantams. Molly is pecking and biting chunks out of my fingers whenever she gets the opportunity (she has a serious finger fetish bless her) and Ginger ... well Ginger is a fairly awesome chicken. Very clever, fairly tame and even likes a cuddle now and then. So one out of two isn't bad? ....

Who couldn't love this face!?
Well that was my thinking untill I decided it would be fun to google Gingers breed just to try and gauge how 'big' she is supposedly going to get .... ..... Errm, yes well it turns out Ginger is what one would call a Giant Chicken Monster. Part chicken, part dinosaur, part action hero ...

No-one mentioned at the poultry farm that they were giving away escapees from Jurasic Park ...

*Ahem* ... I guess I better get extending that coop!

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